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Default Division anniversary, Friday 9th Nov

Friday 9th November is the anniversary of the Division. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we could celebrate it.

Obsi recently suggested in the Admin forum that we could have a day when people had Creative mode on a temporary copy of Frontier so they fly around and have a better look at people's work. Do you like that idea?

I was wondering if in contrast, we can switch on monsters and change a copy of Sanctuary to a survival server at the same time (with warps kept). The nice and peaceful town may no longer be so.

Would someone like to set up a PvP combat challenge in Wild West for the Saturday? Or anything else?

Any other suggestions?

Last year we switched to two temporary worlds for a few days - CreepyCreative (a version of our first Creative world) and Tir na Tog (our first use of flying and infinite Creative inventories).

What do you want to do this year?


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