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I still have very few games (Didn't get sucked into the Steam sale as I knew it could be dangerous) but I have had a similar problem.

My tipple at the moment is DayZ in all it's recent manifestations, but pulling me from one game to the next are the betas of Planetside 2, MWO and Hawken. I need to find a single player game that keeps me interested (and can play on my dated PC system) as there are drawbacks to just trying out the multiplayers.

So at least I don't have a huge backlog of games to try out burning a hole in my hard disk.

My Dad hit 70 this year, still spends time on his PS2 with Gran Turismo (using one of them car seat setups with steering wheel and pedals) in spite of my Mums annoyance . It's down to him that I have such a thing for computers, ever since his first Vic-20 back in 1980 (Though I was only 1 at that point).
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