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Default Open Beta 29TH OCT

No more NDA
No more resets.

Greetings everyone!

We wanted to give you an update on how everything is going, and to thank you for being here with us!

Firstly: Open Beta is on schedule and will be beginning quite soon (12 noon PDT, Monday!) This means we’re very close to getting the final phases of the main beta features coming in. On that as well, Open Beta is our final reset. Once it happens, we will not be resetting everything again. We will be resetting C-Bills, MC, XP, GXP, Mechs, and inventory. The only thing you’ll keep is your friends list. However, if you have a Founders pack, everything will be added from that pack. Also anything you’ve purchased (with MC) will be added back.

Also, we’ve added the Cicada, which is currently my favourite Mech. It’s a lot of fun, and if you have the chance, I seriously suggest you try it out. We also added new variants to the Jenner (JR7-K); Raven (RVN-3L); Awesome (AWS-9M). And for your Mechs equipment, we added Ferro-Fibrous armour, Endosteel structure, and Double Heat Sinks. I’m feeling more and more a kid in a candy store in the Mechlab. On top of that, we added our first hero Mech, the ever-iconic Centurion, Yen-Lo-Wang! Sporting an AC/20, two medium lasers, 30% C-Bill boost, and a very cool paintjob, the Yen-Lo-Wang certainly stands out on the battlefield! (Check it out in the Mechlab for more info.)

Ah, and one more thing – we’re adding the Premium Account Button for Founders purchasers. What does it do? Shortly after Open Beta hits, Founders purchasers’ premium time will be reset once more and a button will be added. If they press this button, their time will begin. This will be a one-time deal, so use it wisely!
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