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* Your minecraft username: A_Mighty_Wyn
* Have you been an active TOG member > 6 months?
Not yet.
* If not, do you know an active TOG member who will 'vouch' for you? Skel would be thrilled to vouch for me!
* What other games do you play in/with TOG?
LOTRO at the moment
* Have you read and understood the "Getting Started in TOG Minecraft" sticky?
But, of course!
* How did you hear about the server? Straight off the ToG Forums
* Why would you like to join? First off, who wouldn't want to join?! I love Minecraft, and have immensely enjoyed my time so far in ToG, so this seemed like the next logical step for me. I've tried to find a good Multiplayer server for Minecraft, bu haven't found much success matching my play time and maturity level. Would love to see what ToG has to offer on their servers.
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