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Cool Hunger Games - Battle for New York. 2pm Saturday

New York has been swamped by an undead horde.

The only cure is at the very top of the Empire State Building.

Teaming up is fine, but there can be only 1 winner.

You may take food from the farm next to the city.

You may place and destroy blocks (this match only), but not add multiple blocks for the purpose of gaining height (no dirt towers).

Weapons and armor are allowed to be crafted.

No items from outside the city are allowed, but you may raid the city store room (this match only).

Hunger City is a PvP zone from 2pm. You may kill or be killed without warning.

The match is ongoing from 2pm up to 5pm. Players start from the Cornucopia.

If the match ends quickly there could be a 2nd round.

Players have unlimited lives, but must restart each time from the Cornucopia.

Diamonds will be hidden in chests around the city (got this idea from hogwarts).

International times will be posted today. Match time may move depending on community feedback.

The undead team will be released in waves of around 30. There is a specific but secret number of undead.

This ia a temporary map, and nothing you gain from the match will be retained.

The winner is the first player to retrieve the antidote from the top of the Empire State Building.

The prize for the match will be a Diamond Chestplate.

As usual the community is welcome to make updates to the rules and match conditions.

These are YOUR hunger games.

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