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Hello TOG!

I guess I'll address the requests listed in the sticky note in order.
1. What games am I playing?
Well, of the MMO variety, only TOR currently. I'm a single parent, which of course means less time to play. Besides that, I've never really been a multi-mmo gamer. I stick to whichever one has me addicted.

2. First game system I played?
Atari 2600. I still miss Missile Command, Berserk, Joust, Kaboom, Combat....I could go on, but I digress.

3. Why TOG?
I actually just had to delete what I was about to write. Almost went on a flaming rant about immature gamers. But to skirt that diatribe, I'll put it like this: I prefer a group of people to play with that are mature, active, and have a similar mind.

4. About me.
I'm 33. Army. Lab Tech working in medical research in the National Capitol region. I live at Fort Meade, MD. I have two children, ages 7 and 8. I'm a single father. I'm from Texas and way out in the sticks. I reckon that's about enough.

Thanks for you consideration.

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