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I have been gaming since the late 1970's, with many hours spent in the arcade as well as on early gaming systems including the Intellivision and Colecovision. Later, I advanced up to the NEs, Super Nintendo and Apple IIe until I discovered online gaming with Mechwarrior, Age of Empires and Unreal Tournament. Since early 2005 many of my hours have been on World of Warcraft but I knew that I'd be switching to GW2 after the first beta weekend.

I am 44 and live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I spend my days as a support analyst for a medical software company and am generally running WvWvW from 4pm until 9pm, later on weekends.
I am looking for an active and mature group of gamers who play with a solid strategy while maintaining a casual attitude and from What I have seen in the past few months, this describes TOG.

Thanks for your consideration,

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