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After playing for abit longer and teaming up with my brother ( [CMA] Sythian) I have become fairly competent with my skills, while still not on the level of others I feel better now.

I also can't stress this enough with new alien commanders, if your commanding you can't blame the team for losing when your mid game, they have exo's and we've just gotten leap and our only add on Is camouflage from the shade hive. Numerous times I've been playing and have our commander crack it saying we are a noob team and F4.

If your alien commanding, pick either crag for carapace or shift hive for celerity, these are good starts because they allow you to move quicker and gives you more defence. I usually go crag, shift, shade. Picking up leap on the shift making skulks a real nuisance and pain to hit.
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