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Greetings TOG'rs,

Another game addict applying to your fine establishment. Based upon the number of members and new apps I'd say you are definitely doing something right (or are all of us just getting really old and need mature guilds?).

I'm currently playing GW2, been playing since launch with a small circle of real life friends that rarely log in anymore. Instead of just having fun on the weekends I figured it would be a good idea to join an active guild and have fun the entire week! Before this I played SWTOR, WoW, EQ2, Rift, and the all time favorite mmo Star Wars Galaxies.

I'm old school and first starting gaming on the commodore-64. Being female I'd prefer not to post my age to the public, but I will say that I've been 25 for many years.

Congratulations on building a great gaming group, you have a very good reputation and I hope to join the ranks of the good folks in your community for some gaming fun.
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