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I have been gaming for several years and have seen TOG members just about everywhere I go. Maybe I am denial that I am never old, thus have not applied to the older gamers before!?

I am currently playing Tera with my partner, who after short discussion (her telling me what to do...) we decided to apply to TOG. This is the only game I currently play, having recently also played TSW and SWToR in the last year.
My first online game was a MUD (Medievia) that I still have very fond memories of, I just cannot play games with no graphics anymore. WoW, like many people, was my first graphical MMO.

I believe the first 'computer' I played a game on was an Atari, not sure if they count! However, that makes me a good decade over the age requirement
I would like to join TOG for full member access, so that I can enjoy the guild within the game I am currently on, and any that I endeavour to play in the future. I feel that a strong and supporting guild adds another dimension to MMO's that I play, allowing me to have even more fun than without one. It also allows me to be social, which I enjoy in a game more than I do in person most of the time. TOG has been around for some time, I'm sure it wouldn't have survived without good members!

I hope you find my post interesting and I look forward to your consideration soon.

~ Magnyr
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