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G'Day TOG,

I was a member while I played LotRO, but just couldn't remember my user name or password, besides I prefer my new handle.
I am currently playing GW2 and loving it, but am finding it hard to integrate into what seems to be an obsolete community. What I mean by that, is that I fight along side other players all the time but never a word is spoken. Everyone just knows their role and plays it. Even a quick "Thx" is rare, even after reviving someone. So I was hoping there were some like minded players who don't mind conversing while they play.
I'm on at anytime, pretty unpredictable, and I'm not in any hurry to reach 80, I mainly enjoy the scenery and the dyes, hehe.
Anyway, my Main's name is Frostreed, a Sylvari Thief and hope to meet some of you.
I absolutely love this game, there's an adventure around every corner, and getting sidetracked is hard to kick, hehe.

Have a cool day.

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