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Gratz everyone involved.

I had a great time the round I made, was heaps of fun to play in the city and with mobs, respawn and block placing - things we don't normally play with in PvP - it was just awesome.

It's definitely spurred me on to get back to building there.. With all the blocks complete I can imagine it being a really confusing/interesting place to play these and with a few more numbers would make for some really fun games.

I loved the fact that we had to find a "cure" that was hidden very sneakily and that after death you had to make it back to the start area before going "live" again. All very well thought out and I like it when it's a little more than last man standing.

I'd love to run something like this but with purely coop vibe. Would love to fight a dragon, kong/godzilla style in the city if at all possible

I'd also love to try one with just ghasts and zombie pigmen against players or groups of I found them to be the worst mobs to deal with and with ghasts in the skies and pigmen on your tail theres nowhere to run or hide!

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