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  1. Right now I am currently looking to play GW2 with TOG. I've been playing for a little while, but have lost interest in my current character and feel like re-rolling and starting off somewhere with a good guild. <LI sizcache="2" sizset="140">The first machine I played games on was a C-64. Next an Atari, then Nintendo... now i stick to PS3 and PC, but still love to play a wide variety of games, including a few of what i've seen listed on TOG.
  2. I want to join TOG to be a part of a mature, fun loving, group of active gamers that enjoy MMOs.
  3. My name is Josh. Currently living in Hawaii but move and travel a lot. I generally play evenings and some weekends. I enjoy every aspect of MMOs and have played several. GW2 is the easiest to justify to the bank, which makes it easier to justify to the wife so i'm sticking to GW2 for now.
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