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CW1 B Robertson
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Hello everyone, I'm Bruce, I'm 55, and I'm interested in joining your group for the camaraderie. I'm mostly flying the A10 Warthog on DCS, along with the KA50 helicopter, I've been into those for, oh, about 6 months now. And I'm looking for others who share the same interests. I also am into BF3. I've been into flying since around 1985 when I began flying RC helicopters... then I got into Falcon 4 and my first simulator... I've also flown Cesnas in the real world. I'm a Charter Bus Driver by day and a pilot by night. I got online last night into one of your sites and flew with a couple of your members using team speak and had a great time. I hope you'll consider me for membership and that I can meet you guys more regularly. Oh... and I live in Belleville Illinois (10 miles east of the St. Louis Arch).

Bruce Robertson aka CW1 B Robertson
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