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It's a early morning here in Finland. Although winter is coming, it's still pretty warm in here. About 0 Celsius. Well the cold weathers usually come after new year.

I've heard about your community many times regarding different games. I've also met your community members on some occasions. The thing why i'm now writing this application, is that i like the mentality i believe lives here with you. I value friendly community with heart and place for a laughter too. I'm not online every night and then again i might be gaming many nights in a row! Hardcore gaming communities are not what i'm looking for, i'd rather have fun with friends, explore, learn and just sit and watch the guild/clan/corporation chat.

I've found hard sometimes to find such groups to join to. Sometimes people take these games so seriously. I don't mean it's bad to be intensive when your gaming, just to know it is a game after all I play many MMO's. Sometimes i'm in absence some months from some and then i come back and play. It's good to have some change from time to time.

Currently i play Guild Wars 2, Minecraft, EVE and just bought War Z. War Z actually was the reason you came to my mind now. I started playing MMO's in Lotro back at 1997 if i remember right (lifetime subber here :P). Have played WoW, AoC, Fallen Earth and tried some others. First gaming machine was Spectravideo.

I'm 32 years old, as said i live in Finland. I've worked mostly in theater but i've done some other jobs too. Music, writing, editing, HTML/CSS and having good time with friends are my hobbies.

Maybe there was enough for short introduction to my philosophy in gaming and what i might be

See you online!

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