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Originally Posted by Nuutia View Post

I'm a new member here. Or mayb e soon to become member, application is done!

I'm wondering on what servers you are playing? I would really like to come and explore this scary and still so addictive world with you. I only bought this game two days ago, but i'm really exited about it.

As previous poster DarthHulk3600 said, numbers sure are good in this game! I've had 5 encounters so far and have died 4 times I think people are very scared and shoot first. Or hit with a flashlight. It's not as bad weapon as people say it is. Hurts like hell.

So i understood that you have a TS3 channel for this. Do i need to wait for full membership approval to come and chat with you?

I think they said we are going to have Clans this week, hurray!
Hi mate and welcome. I haven't teamed up with anyone yet so I don't know if people go to certain servers or not. My guess is that people would meet on TS and then decide from there. I believe you need to be a full member in order to access TS, but all going well you shouldn't be too far away.

Loving this game more and more, the tension is insane at times and I jump every single time someone shoots me. I even got my first kill yesterday. I was in a supermarket and saw that some stuff had been dropped on the floor. I had a 9mm pistol and was being ultra cautious, thinking someone was nearby. Next thing, a guy comes running out at me with a hammer. I didn't fire at first but he hit me at least once with the hammer so I let him have a few.

At this stage I am finding the FPS mechanics a little bit gumby, but I'm confident that they will sort that out as time passes, especially seeing as their last game was an FPS.
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