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Default are MMO's dead or is just me?

This is have been plaguing me for years now, is it just me or is the MMO truly a thing of the past, I haven't seen an innovative MMO in years, most that I have played in the last 6 have been variations of a previous design with maybe a slight twist. Or maybe I'm just tired of the grinding and feeling like nothing is getting accomplished.

Just seems to me MMO's are going backwards and ppl are just satisfied with that and I don't feel a sense of community in the games anymore, the last MMO I played and still play once in a while is GW2, I just haven't felt the game like I did gw1.

Maybe I'm just getting older and more senile, but I just think they are taking MMO's down a path I don't want to follow, everything is achievement based now, you've explored the whole region you unlocked a title type of crap. Does nothing for your game or your community it's a worthless title, I call it ohhh, look shiny object syndrome.

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