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What are folks thoughts on strongholds? I'm a massive fan of this feature but I'm still a little unsure on how it'll all work well..

Strongholds - The War Z Wiki

Soon, clans and strongholds will be added. I particularly want to get a stronghold and open it up for TOG.

We had some good collections and bases on DayZ servers but they usually always ended wiped from resets rather than found or destroyed. This won't happen on strongholds as they are permanent "instance" type servers/maps.

This makes things much more secure in-game.

I thought I'd post and see what others are thinking because there is alot of interest and players in this at the moment and as far as a TOG stronghold of sorts we'll only need the one ?

Perhaps a farm/hospital base for basic gear and clan bank and maybe another one for purely PvP attack/defend type stuff?

It's all still early days but as you can tell this feature is something I'm excited about, would like to know what other thoughts are? Do you care? Would you like or use a TOG stronghold? Would you even like a sanctioned clan one or just use other members own?

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