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Default Application to join TOG

Hi Everyone!

My name is Nathan, but online I go by either AgitatedSquirrel or GrumpyRodent, depending on how many characters of text are allowed. After a long and arduous campaign I have turned 25, and I would like to join the TOG community.

I have an interest in most genres of computer games, but for multiplayer kicks I normally play League of Legends or whatever is the newest Battlefield. I have played on the TOG servers on both BC2 and BF3, and they were always the most enjoyable. I have not played BF3 in a few months, but am keen to get back into it if I know more people who are playing; its always more fun with a social aspect! A number of my friends are already members of TOG, and I wish to follow suit.

I have been playing video games since I was 7 years old when my grandparents bought me a then outdated Atari for Xmas. While still playing video games regularly, I have also moved on to pen and paper RPG's and currently DM a fortnightly game of D&D. I am also quite fond of international travel, which I do at every opportunity.

If accepted to TOG I look forward to many hours of online shenanigans. Thank you for your consideration.
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