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In recent years I too have felt the decline and dissappointment from recent MMOs and the current ones I play. Part of it is that yah I am getting older and busier since I started teaching fitness classes along with my main job as an IT Manager while raising a family. The sense of community to me is fading away as I can remember during Wrath of the Lich King the raiding guild I was with I had a great time with. I even met three of them in person for the first time which was new for me to come face to face with people I only met off the internet.

As time went on those of us in that guild went our way from WoW or can no longer play at the level use to. For me MMO games can really only hold me if the community is strong. When I was living in Oklahoma I got hooked on Lord of the Rings Online before it's F2P model and that was purely because of the kinship. Once I moved to Japan though sadly I could no longer keep ties with them due to the sheer time difference and thus stopped playing after a few months. Since dedicating time for a MMO was limited to me now I have to rely on the mechanics of the game to keep me interested. Since then I have yet to really find one that really holds me and thus I see myself hoping from one MMO game to another.

Since my roots of SWG, WoW, LOTRO I have tried nearly all MMOs up to today and have yet to find one that I can really grasp to. I doubt I will ever stop trying as old habits die hard but will likely start ignoring new ones that don't have appeal for me.

Funny though that video gaming started with single player games then moved to multiplayer, then MMO. To only be slowly heading back to multiplayer (shooters mostly) and now diving back into single player games (Assassin's Creed series and Skyrim).

Anyone else going full circle?
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