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Default TOG Membership Request

Hi Guys,

Looking to try and apply for TOG Membership, have been playing on TOG servers for a while but was always under 25. Started getting into CS:GO recently after not playing any CS for a while and thought I would apply as I am now 25!

Games you are currently playing or wish to play with TOG
At the moment, mainly playing CS:GO as looking to get back into casual wars or scrims. I have been playing CS since about Beta 4.0 was released when it was still a HL mod. I also play the occasional game of BF3 and for some retro action, I have started playing Dungeon Keeper 2 and Theme Hospital again.

Information about your gaming history (i.e. first gaming console, or pen and paper game, etc)
First started gaming on the SNES and mainly played consoles when younger. When I was 11, I ended up building own computer from spare parts and started playing Counter-Strike and have been a PC Gamer ever since.
Went through a big LAN phase and tried to play CS somewhat competitively. Work quickly became a reality after finishing school and gaming died down to make way for career.

Why you'd like to join TOG?
Im looking to join TOG so I have a regular like minded group of gamers to play with. From what I have seen on the servers, everyone seems to know everyone and seems keen to play!

Anything else you'd like to share?
Not too much else I guess, 25 and live in Brisbane working as a Systems Administrator for a large Law Firm in the city.
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