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I agree with the sentiments, although I don't think it's confined to MMOs.

GW2 really showed it to me, painful as it was running back and forth for side quests, the GW2 streamlined system showed me the inovations just lead to more grinding and ticking the box. EVE online was probably the best MMO experience I had and that was more to do with who I was playing with and what we were doing, after that fell apart the game was just an empty shell.

I'm kinda tempted to go back to SWTOR when it goes FTP, just to play it as a single player game.

Single player games are not much better, FPS games are identical to what they were 10 years ago, RPGs are dominated by cookie cutter storylines and "options", Strategy games, we're still playing civilization after 20 years, 30 if you played the board game. Tactical, XCom is just released and probably the best about for a while, and it's a remake from the wayback machine.

Even the Indy games are now junk, a couple of years ago there was some good stuff being released, but too many people got on the bandwagon and everyone realised there could be big money in indie games, so now we're flooded with crap from hopeful wannabes that are just knock offs of other games anyway.

Now days I'm mostly just iracing, which I'm treating more like a hobby than gaming, and a bit of multiplayer minecraft with the kids, mostly just to entertain them.

Everything else I may as well just go watch Rocky XXVII or something at the movies for the same amount of entertainment (PS I hate movies, zero entertainment value).

Perhaps I am just getting too old for gaming.

Rant over
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