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Been keeping a loose eye on this for ages, and decided I would get myself an early Christmas pressie and bought myself a gold founder's package.

Spent a couple nights on it now and have enjoyed it for the most part but do have one or two annoyances.

The big one for me is nighttime, it gets stupidly dark and trying to get from one place to the next in the dark is just horrible. This leads on to getting from A to B in general, I seem to spend far too muhc time running around, trying to get over mountains or whatever. Maybe it gets easier later on with better equipped frames, but early on at least it seems I always run out of jumpjetjuice too soon to get up and over a barrier.

Still, I have enjoyed the first few storyline missions and found them fun enough, but obviously they run out far too quickly atm.

I'm finding it a fun mashup between Global Agenda and Mechwarrior (because of the weight/power consumption facet of equipping the battleframes) with a dash of SWG for the thumper grinding.

With no sub, I don't think my founders pack investment will be wasted, I will enjoy it as and when the urge takes me.
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