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Default application from Asesi on GW2


I'm a 37 year old player looking for a fun guild.

I started my online gaming life with Starcraft tho my intrests shifted to mmo's and started playing Ultima Online (pre-trammel for the guys who know the game) changed to DAoC wich i played for over 5 years. Then alot of mmo's came out and tried most of em WoW, CoV, SWG, .....
Because DAoC died on eu servers i stuck to WoW in the end and completed most of the raids (normal and hc).

Now i found myself a game with nearly the same excitement as DAoC RvR ,
GW WvWvW and looking for a fun guild to join.

You can describe my playstyme as casual being married and having 2 smaller kids i can be afk at times and because of my old brain i tend to forget to tell it in guildchat tho i improve in that aspect .

I hope i can meet you guys in game if i'm accepted


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