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I really wanted to get into Eve, but I was told by just about anyone that I've ever asked, don't bother unless you started out a long time ago, takes to long to catch up to the current system apparantly. But yeah I would love it if MMO's would take to the sandbox, but with the exception of eve on a large scale, haven't followed darkfall since it's inception, but xyson, mortal failed miserably, what else is there? No one is willing to risk a possible failure anymore hence why everything has been like wow since 2004, makes me sick, when did we as gamers get to be so generic?

@tacyon, I know what ya mean, I really try not to let the past influence the new, but I feel it's really been aweful, I think it's the big companies making these games now, just like starwars going back the original plus the new ones, once lucas started putting the starswars logo on everything and anything, it kind of made me sick to my stomach, is there nothing he wouldn't do to sully the name of starwars, lets face it, the last 10 years haven't been knocking down the doors for real starwars fans, more failures than success's. Same could be said for these companies, they just make me ill and that breeds a lot of contempt on my part.

I want companies to be successful and make money so they can produce better and more affordable products, but I feel it's been the other way around, they've been selling more expensive broken products and ppl keep buying it, with the exception of SWTOR and GW2, I have not paid over $10.00 for a game, I refuse to give my hard earned money to some of these clowns, like ubisoft (who makes some of the damn boringist games I've ever played) and (EA) or aka the empire. Sorry just my thoughts, rant off
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