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Originally Posted by boomer0901 View Post
I really wanted to get into Eve, but I was told by just about anyone that I've ever asked, don't bother unless you started out a long time ago, takes to long to catch up to the current system apparantly.
That's not really how Eve works, As it's a sandbox and one that's been running a long time, sure there's always people out there who are likely to be better at stuff than you are, but EVE is about setting your own goals, making what you want of it. If you're thinking of going into it and being the best combat pilot in the game, probably what 90% of people thought joining it, then yea, you've got a long long road ahead of you, but you can go in there and be a trader, or set yourself up as a recruitment agent, or whatever else you can imagine. It's about setting yourself achievable goals and working towards them.

As I said, to me it was about the guys I was flying with, and the little stories that came out of it. But when that fell apart, there was no 'Game' to actually play. Sandbox Games are no more games than a box of LEGO bricks is, the game is what you play, the software is just a tool, like a cardboard box is to the kids.

Originally Posted by dday_0612
I have one example that does NOT fit into the problems discussed on this thread: Minecraft!

Minecraft is a game changer. Innovative, creative, great community aspect, and a blast. I am taking a break from it right now, but I always go back with new ideas
I wouldn't say Minecraft is any of those things, minecraft is a toy, and as a toy it can help people find their own Creativity and build their own community. This is not anything new, these are things that are within the players, and have generally been destroyed over the last 20 years of developments and commercialization.
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