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I'll look into pathfinder, yeah I've been following neverwinter, I don't have high hopes for that one as it seems like it'll be a hub game kind of like how GW1 was, repopulation I've read some on that one and agree shows promise, embers of caerus haven't heard of that one yet will have to see what info I can dig up on that one. Elderscrolls, if they can keep the vast explorable world on that while keeping the feel of the game I could spend years on that alone, but we'll have to see. I'm trying to not get to excited about these games anymore as they always seem to be a let down.

But yeah I see your point Asmodai i've thought about that as well, but frankly I'm such a cheap bastard if I pay for something I'm damn well gonna play it, lol one of my many shortcomings, and I've seem to have endured a lot of pain lately with some of these games. You where not wrong on D3 either, I played to hardcore but not sure why, the game was horrible compared to D1/D2.

I really would love it if nevewinter nights turned out to be an epic game, but after DDO I'm not getting to excited, being a life long PnP DnD guy I love that shit, but DDO I felt confined, to me what DnD was all about is adventure and exploration, I felt trapped in that little port with no where to roam and spread my legs.

All really great ideas and thoughts I appreciate the feedback, sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who sees how things are going and I'm a lonely gaming geek.

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