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Excellent flintwick, I'll check that stuff out today sometime.

I agree with Thymos on this one, I can handle a themepark a lot better if they made it challenging, but frankly fishing for skill up is f--king boring. I hate fishing in real life and I sure as hell don't want to do it in a game because I need food to eat.

Also I know Diablo has done this since D1, has it never occured to any of the game developers to make random dungeon generators on some of these themeparks, If DDO had this I'd play it on a daily basis, and even (choke) WoW, but having the same monster in the same spot, the same trap, the same chest, I know this would be difficult in a larger scale MMO like WoW or DDO, but I think it would more than make up for in profits, the generated dungeons for Diablo are much simplier and not as elaborate as some of these other places, but I think it would be well worth it, could you imagine running into different creatures and traps everytime, it would be exciting to not, know what excate pull you are gonna do, stun this guy, kill this guy, then this guy and you win, F--KING BORING.
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