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Exclamation Call of Duty - Black OPS 2

Due to the interest in this title the Veterans association would like to present you with a one stop shop for all your militia needs.

Anyone who would like to hook up with fellow TOGers online should post their details here in the following format:

PSN ID / XBL ID: (Put your gamer tag here)
Theater of War: (The region you live in)
Times and days usually on: (self explanatory I hope )
Favorite Online Mode(s): (For example Death Match, Co-Op, etc)


Theater of War: Sydney Australia
Times and days usually on: Tuesday nights 6pm - 10pm, Weekends.
Favorite Online Mode: Co-Op (But will play any mode)

Once you have hit the required level to have a clan tag in game please use TOG.
(Please remember to adhere to TOG's guidelines for online behavior.)

If someone would like to create and run the clan recruitment in game please indicate.
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