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Like probably a few of you here, I like to game hop...few months of Wow to level and gear up my characters, over to Lotro for a bit, GW2, sometimes still AOC, EQ2 and Eve. By the time I'm getting bored with one, I can be sure that somewhere else a bunch of new content had been added.

Without mixing things up all the time, I could not have fun playing MMOs anymore. The magic and the novelty of the early days are gone, but the fun doesn't have to be. And, interestingly, the same friends from 7-8 years ago keep making similar circles(though usually slightly smaller than me).

Gaming to me is about having fun without any sense of commitment these days. A casual raid or battlegrounds with friends Friday night, a couple of drinks, and giving the whole thing a break for 3-4 days.

No longer do I invest hours and hours of hard core play to feel a sense of accomplishment. I've found my balance and I'm happy. I appreciate all the choices out there and add single player games into the mix, there is enough gaming content out there to last me another lifetime.
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