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Greeting's, I'm Josh O'Shea. I'm 35 Live in Southern California, San Diego.

I have played allot of MMo's and rpgs to many to list here from pen and paper to online. I started mmo's as a Gm for EQ or Verant Interactive in late 98 released 99, Sony bought us out and That was that. I moved on to professional IT work for the Gov.I enjoy playing MMos and having the social interaction as well and group dynamics, Imo games are only fun when you can share your victories with others.

I have been playing GW2 Sense beta and Have a few lvl 80's a Thief and a Guardian. I am currently reside in a very small guild Called the Irregulars. I was hoping to find a bit larger group to play with. I do enjoy playing with my friends in Irregulars there good people. Just looking for a more grand feeling of community. Well don't have much more to say. Oh one more thing IM a single Dad of a beautiful 3 1/2 year old lil girl named Solemnity ( EMMY ) So I occasionally have to just drop everything I'm doing to be a dad. Just a heads up. I try not to flake ever tho. OK well hope to hear from you soon. GL and have FUN! Oh I have Head set and mic =)
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