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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
I'm not getting enough saplings to get a Jungle Tree farm going. Mostly get none, sometimes 1 and rarely 2.

I had the same problem. Sometimes I would get 1 or 2 saplings from a huge tree, and when I did the 6 block high tree-farm method, I might not get any.

I now plant 4 trees in a square and tap with the bonemeal, and let the tree grow full height. I wait around a few minutes (while I'm planting another tree or something) and a few saplings usually fall from the newly grown tree. I think a few leaves are made without connecting branches, and they die off after a minute or two. When the tree if fully grown, I climb up using the vines and chop 1/2 the leaves with an axe (even if this does dull the axe down, it goes quickly). When I start chopping down the tree from the top, I make sure there are not any two leaves on top of each other. This way, if a leaf does turn into a sappling, it will fall to the ground instead of sitting on top of another leaf and out of reach. As I get closer to the ground, I make sure I cut all the branches and 1/2 the leaves.

Again, this uses the axe or whatever tool, but I end up with 4 or more saplings by the end. So, including the pre-cutting drops, I get 6-10 saplings per tree now. It is still work intensive, but if you want a serious amount of jungle tree wood, this is the way to go.
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