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Would say thats correct and also incorrect at the same time. It reminds me of the statement some folks make whnever a new game comes out things like will this be a WoW killer. The reason I have a problem with that is WoW hasn't killed any other games. EQ, Lineage, UO etc are all still going in some fashion and they still have player bases; so WoW has never killed them.

The simple fact of the matter is most of these titles are funded by investors who unless they see a return on their money and all they can see is WoWs numbers. As was mentioned earlier in this thread even wow had to crawl its way up to where it is now. When they came on the scene Lineage I had already hit 3 mill accounts users, and Lineage 2 had just hit 2mill accounts. FFXI and many many other games were going strong.

Just reminds me to the difference in perception, as I know many Toggers and 'western' players despise AION and call it a complete failure. When in truth its actually the first major title that has actually show a direct drop in WoWs numbers, and is still one of the few games today that has accounts over 1mill; which is a very small club.

Completely agree there are a lot of choices if people look. I actually (before my gaming pc died >.<;; ) got some old friends who don't like mmos to try DDO. And they loved it.

But still have to say sandboxes do seem to be the next sort of thing, or even a hybrid of the two. Heres an interesting chart for example:

That steady growing tight blue line is Eve. That chart also shows the rush and drop that mmo experience these days if you look at Age of Conan and Warhammer on there. Huge spike and massive drop just a few months later as people move on.
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