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to bad they don't have SWTOR on there, another game that went straight up and less than 6 month's later went straight down, and the reason I don't think I'm being pessimistic about this is, look at how many of those go straight up and straight back down within a year, you don't have GW2, or SWTOR on there otherwise you could add 2 more. That is why ppl are frustrated is they keep buying crap and it shows in the numbers, you can see some of the older more popular games go on for years even with sub 500k numbers, it's the big name MMO's that go up and drop like a rock that is pissing ppl off. I'm done buying huge MMO retail subs on these things, getting tired of wasting my money on crap theme parks

As much as I hate theme parks, you can still have fun with them if they are unique in some way, but nothing has since wow.
The common theme for the big fails is hype. They are overhyped to hell, the raise expectation and when the product comes in, it may well be enjoyable or a good game in it's own right but it's not enough to match your expectations...

Most MMO's jump the shark before they come out of beta these days, it just takes time for people to understand that. SWTOR certainly did.

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