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I think the intermediate step is Classic/No ironman, that way you can go back and erase particularly bad mistakes etc if you wish.

Speaking of mistakes, I fired up xcom last night, hit scan (I'm near the end of the game so there wasn't much to do apart from waiting for contacts) and Russia promptly up and leaves the council...

At which point, I recalled that I had saved the night before prior to doing a terror mission in St Petersburg*. Being ironman, it's an unintentional mistake that has blemished my near perfect game (at that point, only one death and every month A rated), but c'est la vie... =\

Assault on the temple ship begins tonight!

*For noting, if you are going to quit prior to doing a mission, get your troops all kitted out and go to the mission zone so you're ready to play and don't manage to miss it... ; )

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