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Yeah its gotten to that pack mentality now where If you do anything someone doesnt like they officially make it their goal all game to abuse the person. I've seen many new players, some of which are really nice guys and that, get blasted by other people calling them noobs and to give up and to stop playing while they too have green names themselves, AND, its on a green name server no less.

Luckily on certain servers like the clan joint hosted ones like CMA and noGG and all that, theirs usually an admin sitting their and if it starts looking like its gonna get bad the admin steps in with a warning and if it keeps going the players instigating it get the kick. I've actually seen 4 players banned for that reason, for abusing some guy who said he had only played for maybe 3 hours and had team mates telling him he should go neck himself for being so class and really turns me off online gaming when people say stuff like that
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