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Nice. I'm looking forward to having more map to explore. I went to Boulder City last night and it was a waste of time, I think I got a bottle of Antibiotics out of the whole place. I hope they plan on placing more loot in this patch.

On the upside, I was being hunted by a dude who had assault rifles, pistols and ammunition to spare versus me and my hammer. He followed me to a house where I was hiding inside from the 10 or so zombies who had been following me. After killing the zombies, he came into the house to get me. I charged out, wildly swinging my hammer, and by a stroke of luck I managed to smash his head in. I think I got two M4 carbines, a Mossberg shotty, three Jericho 9mm pistols, some spare ammo and heaps of food and medicine. He must have been so pissed hahaha. That's what you get, bandit.
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