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Default War Z Game Impressions

I've been playing War Z quite a bit, but I am hoping the developers will make some positive changes in the near future. The community is really anarchic in game at the moment. In many MMOs I've played over the last decade, the community members worked together in at least some measure, to aid each other and to get newer players started in the game. I've run into a few decent people in game, but for the most part, other players play mainly to grief. I don't know if it is a result of the average age of the War Z gamer, or what.

Between server hoppers, spawn and loot campers and ghosters, it's pretty tough right now to solo in War Z on a server with more than ten players. Even on the extremely low population servers in the middle of the night, one really can't trust wandering into an area that spawns good or rare loot, as server hoppers are constantly popping in and out.

I hope the overall structure of the game improves because I do enjoy scavenging the apocalyptic wastes of Colorado. I suppose group play could be the way to go, but then it is just a matter of who has better guns and equipment, or which group is better organized.

I still have decent luck on extremely low population servers, but even playing on them is like engaging in a bit of russian roulette. One can scavenge for hours on end, only to get caught up in the moment, let ones guard down and lose everything. I do enjoy some degree of suspense in the games I play, but I would rather it arise from the zombies or other PvE mechanisms rather than only from other players.

Overall, while the War Z really captures well the feeling of dread and isolation in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse, and the graphics add appropriate immersion to the experience, as a medium for social interaction, much is left to be desired. All it takes to get the pulse of the War Z community is a visit to the official forums. There are many stories posted there of players luring other players in game into trusting them, only to shoot them in the back. What's worse are the positive responses to such stories. Hopefully unethical playstyles will become less viable in later game updates, but until they do, I recommend going solo and trusting no one in game.
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