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Default Darkfall: Unholy Wars

*Mods, please don't move this thread to the "Darkfall" section, as Unholy Wars is a new game, not an expansion - infact if you could move the linked thread back here that would be great*

Many moons ago some of us here had high hopes for the original Darkfall Online, a MMORPG made by a small indy developer based in Greece.

Aventurine has announced the next version of Darkfall - Darkfall Unholy Wars.

Whilst sandbox full loot PvP isnt everyone's cup of tea, the premise of the original game was excellent and the engine they developed was, in many ways, groundbreaking. Implementation was always their downfall, but with the Aventurine team growing to 50, and the company obtaining new partners and financial support, there are hopes that they will finally be able to implement the ideas that inspired the game almost a decade ago.

The pre release videos have been very promising, showing many lessons learnt by the developers. A role system is now in, negating the "1 dominant template" problem in the original game. Also the GUI has been completely overhauled and, in my opinion, looks to be one of the slickest in MMO's today. Importantly, one of the biggest hurdles in the original game - GRIND - has been heavily reduced. All in all the game looks very promising

Latest Develepor Diary - New GUI and Combat

Release date is slated for 12 December 2012. Anyone interested in playing, please post here as we have a clan organised for release and we'd love to see some new players.

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