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Hello The Older Gamers,

I'm a member of an allied clan in GW2 called Old Timers Guild (OTG), and I signed up for your forums curious if TOG might have a planned presence in Darkfall Online: Unholy Wars? OTG will be present in DFO:UW, and we have several retired members returning for the relaunch. [I don't think it's appropriate for me to disclose specific numbers on a public forum, but we're expecting a healthy turnout so far.] We have a few long-term allies that will be rejoining us on NA1 after relaunch, but considering how well I feel we got along in GW2 (we're both large 25+ casual clans), I'm hoping your DFO:UW chapter might be interested in exploring playing in our alliance with us. Our DFO chapter has been active since EU launch (now we only play on NA1) and played until the server was closed last month, so we're as current as anyone on recent politics.

I hope you've all been enjoying GW2. I also hope this was the appropriate place to post this message. My access as a non-member is limited.

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