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Originally Posted by Rourke View Post
It's a LOT of fun, hope it stays this manic for release.
Too right. Even though I have Borderlands 2 and Guild Wars 2 installed, I kept returning back to this game over the Thanksgiving weekend, it's just that much fun.

I agree that the Chosen have been really making a showing of late. I spent a few good hours around the Broken Shores watch tower, as wave after wave of Chosen drop pods kept showing up just outside of towers back door. I managed to get a few thumpers down in between waves, as I found a good resource spot near the tower, and the other players thought it was an event thing, so they were defending the thumper while it thumped away. So, got some free defense and resources to boot.

Really love the resource gathering aspect of the game. Using sonic detonators on nodes that I find, or using the scanning hammer to find a spot to put down a thumper, then defending the thing until it's full and you can send it away. That's where engineers with their multi-turrets are so handy.

All in all, it's defiantly a gem of a "freemium" MMOFPS game, which I think is better than Planetside 2 and Tribes, for us PvE care bares.
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