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Originally Posted by Zhul View Post
PS2 is fun and reminds me a lot of Battlefield 2142, which was awesome fun for running around in a squad with fellow TOGers.
I agree, in that to get the most out of PS2, you need a decent squad. I found that solo'ing in PS2 just makes you sniper bait, and unless you can group up with a few people, you are going to have a rough time of it.

Since I tend to solo a lot, as my play times vary from day to day, so it's tough to be there for a regular group. Thus, I really enjoy the "casual" PvE element to FF. I can drop in, call down a few thumpers, help out other players secure a SIN node or two, and log out feeling like I did something. This is also why I love GW2.

Games like PS2 and Tribes, that really rely on the presence of other players for their gamplay, really put me off as they suck to play solo.
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