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My name is Sarah, (survivor1126), and I am FINALLY applying for full membership to TOG!

I have been watching my finance, Schizo, post on the forums and play with you guys for over 5 years now, and now I'm finally old enough to join! haha

I currently have a sad lack of a desktop computer of my own, so the games I have played are pathetically limited to Sims, Spore, Guitar Hero, Mario Party, etc. (Yes I know, very sad ) Portal is probably the most skillful game I tried to play where I didn't make a fool of myself. I played with the creature creator in Guild Wars 2...but character slots are valuable and Schizo has them all to himself! (That jerk!)

I like to call myself a geek/gamer-in-training, I am definitely at the beginner's level in the grand scheme of things :P

I would like to join TOG because Schizo won't leave me alone! Just sign me up already! XD
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