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With no sub, I don't think my founders pack investment will be wasted, I will enjoy it as and when the urge takes me.
Just quoting myself as I've been playing the heck out of this recently, I don't know what it is really but I just find myself quite addicted to the faster paced non-stop action feel of the game. In traditional MMOs you can take it quite leisurly and wander around the world, but with this latest patch Firefall just grabs you and it becomes a non-stop kill-fest. There always seems to be something going on.

(*)There is currently a bugged chosen encounter where a tower defense timer is stuck on 00:00:00 and every minute or so 3 drop pods release a full load of chosen around the base of the tower and march towards the tower, the tower we had bug out on us last night was right o nthe beach just outside Copa and it was non-stop, we gathered quite a crowd by the end.

Yeah, Im LOVING this game and just gets bettter and better each patch, if you can get a beta invite go for it, as it is worth a visit.

Feel free to add me to your ingame friends list, I tend to play sometime between 7 and 12pm GMT, toon name: Rourke.

EDIT: (*) This is a developer acknowledged bug,
"It's a bug, but it's a pretty sweet bug as there's some cool things to learn for it"
"While this is a bug, it's a cool one. These are bugs that have nuggets of awesome in them. *plotty fingers*"
So hopefully something very like this is added as future content.
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