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Arcade: Galiga and Dragon's Lair! Spent about $300 USD in quarters on each at the local arcade!

Online: Got hooked on calling BBs boards around the USA. Ran up a $963 USD phone bill (I still have that bill!) for a single month...disconnected and put away the 300 baud(!) modem after that.

Online Games: Alpha/beta tested The Realm Online. Stayed there for 10 years.

Stand-alone games: Bards Tale (the original version), the Wing Commander series including Freelancer, and the Baldur's Gate series!

ArcheAge Ollo Server: Elondra
Elder Scrolls Online:
(@Dolnor) Elondra Numbwit
Star Citizen: FriendlyFireTarget
Defiance: NA Server:
Dolnor EU Server: Noldor
GW2: Yak's Bend
- Dolnor Numbwit, Elondra, Festoon Turnbuckle
LOTRO: Gladden - Dolnor Numwit, Elondra Numbwit
SWTOR: Dolnor, Elondra, Noldor

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