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Default WoW Jubei'Thos Blood DK application

Name: Whirz(Kyle)
Race: Undead
Class: Deathknight
Role: Blood(PvE)471 Unholy(PvP)463
Current Server: Frostmourne
Destined Server: Jubei'Thos
People I know: Kiyiya(Wolfinlied) Lunith(Forum name unknown)
Reason i want to join TOG: Mainly for raid progress and friend i know.
Equipment: MMO Cataclysm Gaming mouse(Steelseries) 7hheadset(Steelseries) Merc Stealth keyboard(Steelseries)
PC: I don't know the specs off hand but Graphic card is Geforce GTX650(Gigabyte)

Hope to hear back from you soon i'll server transfer when it's been confirmed.

Regards Kyle
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