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Hi there,

I'm Roslo, 28m, California.

I'd like to join TOG mainly for the Planetside 2 Connery server outfit. I'm on quite a bit, usually evening until 3-4am PST. So far I'm cert'd for Heavy Assault, Engineer, MBT, Liberator. I'll also probably be playing Firefall in beta and release. I tend toward guild officer / raid leader in MMO's, but atm looking forward to remaining at member unless there's a great need.

The first game I ever played was something on Atari, probably 'Tanks.' Since then there's been a loooong list of PC and pen-n-paper titles, but my favorite games in each class are: Everquest 1 (red servers), Aliens vs Predators 2, Diablo 2, Vandal Hearts, Burning Wheel.
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