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my name is bruce and love playing games, i enjoy playing games and partiicpating in forums with like minded (and aged people).
Iam currently playing Call of of duty blackops 2 and STWOR

i also enjoy many other things such as martail arts / rugby league and beer.
i was reccomended to TOG from a member who i regulary play on line with and i like playing a game withlike minded and like adged people.

my gaming expeince has evolved from back in the day of D & D (dungons & Dragons role playing)with pen and paper and a lot of spare time. TOa stack of games in the star wars franchices and other MMO games such as baulders gate/ knights of the old republic, and Any call of duty / world of warcarft and warcraft, star craft, counter strike ect and the list goes on


jawa (aka Bruce)
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