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Default December Design Stars

December Design Star Challenge is here and open for anyone.
Right now, I have spots for 4 challengers, and I can add more as needed.

There is a "Treehouse condo" with mystery chests located southeast of spawn. The red on the map below shows the area, but it was not constructed before the last snapshot.

Please read and follow all the rules below:

Challenge runs December 1 - December 31
You may only use the items in the chest located in the unit you choose.
Do not destroy the interior walls. You may make them higher, however.
You may remove any parts of the floor that you wish, but do not build below the floor level.
You may destroy and use any parts of the tree that is in your space.
No fires!
You may use the community chest and forges and crafting table.
You may get more water, if needed.
There is no height restriction, but you must stay inside the dimensions of your walls.
Do not build below the treehouse floor.
Other than the interior walls, you can remove or add anything you like. So you may replace your exterior walls with anything you like.
Also, your floor can be replaced.
Be careful, this is on Frontier and everyone runs the risk of explosions and dying!

How to play:

Go to the Design Star Treehouse, climb the tree and enter the treehouse.
Pick a room, grab the sign from on top of the door and put your name on it and replace it.
Use any of the items in the chest to design your space.
Post here when you have taken a space.
If all rooms are taken, post here and I will build you a new room with a mystery chest.

The contest will be judged January 3rd.

1st place = Diamond Block and diamond tool of choice
2nd place = Gold Block and gold tool of choice
3rd place = Iron Block and iron tool of choice

---Pictures below -----

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