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Smile Membership Application

Hi all

My name is Rachel. I'm a geek, gamer chick and dog nut; married to the crazy funny Antz and slave to our Newfoundland dog, Floyd.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand and when I'm not gaming, watching sci-fi and hanging out with my boys Antz and Floyd, I'm a front-end web developer.

My first ever game was pong, and a hand-held space invaders game that I used to borrow from my big brother at every opportunity. My PC gaming started with Oddworld, Heroes of Might & Magic and similar RPGs - until eventually I was lured over to the dark side of MMORPGs by my husband. I gave WoW a good thrashing for a couple of years and also enjoy solo games like Overlord, Dragon Age and Skyrim.

Most recently I've been playing SWTOR and Guild Wars 2. I can be a bit uncoordinated, so am better suited to tanking and ranged DPS than healer roles.

The Older Gamers appeals to me because I'm not particularly competitive, and the laid-back, friendly attitude in here sounds more my style. I love gaming, but I'm in it for fun and laughs not winning at all costs.

That's it for now, thanks for reading. Feel free to ask if I've left out anything important.

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